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Domain Name Appraisals

appChoosing the right domain name for your business is very crucial and important part of starting your online business or expanding your current business online. Host Jordan will help you in evaluating your domain name, since the domain name trading business is booming and we already have the experience which lots of people lack.



Domain registration

domainHost Jordan offers the service of registering your name and control it by a specialized team regarding your needs and requirements; offering a lot of domain services to maximize the efficiency of your business. Host Jordan will help you in choosing the right domain name and the most appropriate one for your business in term.



Internet marketing

makNo product can survive or reach its peak without being well marketed by professional people. Host Jordan will be proud to be your Internet Marketing partner and will handle all of your marketing campaigns on the internet in terms of Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Blog Marketing, Viral Marketing and many more techniques.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

seoSearch Engine Optimization helps you to increase the number of results linking to your website on search engines which will increase traffic to your website and will increase your online sales as well. Host Jordan will be providing you with all information related to internet marketing concepts in general and SEO in specific. We will move your site to the peak and increase your revenues which you generate from your website.